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Classic Albums

At Zavvi US, we have a wide range of classic albums for you to discover. For fans of music from all eras, this is the place to start building your vinyl collection — featuring a variety of sleeve designs and colourways.

We have a ton of iconic artists for you to enjoy, including the likes of Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Iggy Pop, Barry White, and Miles Davis — to name a few.

Truly, there is something magical about listening to vinyl records; it’s a far more personal experience. When you put the needle into that groove, the distinctive crackles provide a feeling of warmth you just can’t achieve through other mediums. It’s an almost ritualistic practice.

To capture some of that magic for yourself, check out our complete line-up of classic albums today. You don’t want to miss out on our exclusive offers!

Nothing Like A Vinyl Record

Vinyls are a brilliant way to listen to your favourite classic albums, playable on the prestigious record player. Yes, you can listen to these albums on streaming services and CDs, but nothing comes close to the unique sound of vinyl. Filled with surface crackle, pops, and distortion, the format is hard to match.

Is MP3 better than vinyl? That is an argument of endless debate. However, we can all agree — better or not — there is nothing quite like hearing your favourite music on vinyl.

Classic albums, by consequence of when the music was first produced, are undeniably made for vinyl. The overall mix and volume were made without modern audio devices in mind, resembling something ripped straight from the studio.

A Classic Collection

Vinyl is indeed an old format of music, one that has remained relatively unchanged. But it isn’t going away anytime soon — not if we have anything to say about it.

Start browsing our selection of classic albums, and enjoy our massive discounts and multi-buy deals. There has never been a better time to begin (or expand) your vinyl collection!