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Mr. Pickles Merchandise

Take a trip to Old Town, and start browsing Zavvi US’s wide range of Mr. Pickles merchandise. We have tons of products inspired by the fan-favorite animated series, including the show itself on DVD and Blu-ray.

Meet The Goodmans

Mr. Pickles, an Adult Swim animated TV series, was created by Dave Stewart and Will Carsola. Focused on an adult audience, the show (which ran from 2014 to 2019) follows the exploits of the Goodman family — Tommy (voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock), Beverly (Brooke Shields), and Stanley (Jay Johnston) — and their pet border collie, the eponymous dog (Stewart). The Goodmans live in the small community of Old Town, where modern technology is starting to take over.

Most days, the six-year-old Tommy explores the town with Mr. Pickles, blissfully unaware that his beloved pet is a blood-thirsty killer willing to commit horrific deeds against the locals whom he doesn’t like. Henry Gobbleblobber (Frank Collison), who takes the role of series protagonist, is the only person in the know about the border collie’s unsavoury activities, and he bears witness to the experiments conducted in Mr. Pickle’s underground lair, a place where he resurrects those he killed and forces them to do his bidding. As a consequence of these murders, the crime rate of Old Town — which is out of control because of the incompetence of its sheriff (Carsola) — drops dramatically.

In 2019, after the surprise conclusion of the fourth season of the original show, a spin-off series was aired: Momma Named Me Sheriff. This show centers around the sheriff of Old Town, tracking his day-to-day activities as he patrols with his new deputy, Stanley Goodman.

Enter The Secret Lair

If you’re a fan of non-stop comedic antics, our line-up of Mr. Pickles merchandise will satisfy your itch for quality entertainment. Take your seat, and prepare to be transported to a world of demonic dogs and oblivious townsfolk.