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LEGO Ninjago

Immerse yourself in the world of Spinjitzu with Zavvi US’s wide range of LEGO Ninjago sets. Here you will find a variety of products inspired by the fan-favorite theme.

Start browsing today to find the best gifts for a LEGO fan or collector. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for any occasion, with great offers available, including massive discounts and multi-buy deals!

A World Of Martial Arts

Following the discontinuation of the LEGO Ninja theme in 2000, the mask-wearing warriors were reintroduced in 2011 with LEGO Ninjago sets. This new line of products carries over some aspects of the original theme, but it focuses on a fully formed narrative. This story has been further explored in a computer-animated television show of the same name.

The line focuses on teenage ninjas, known as “Elemental Masters” (individuals that possess elemental powers), who learn the martial art of “Spinjitzu” from Master Wu, the Master Of Creation. There are six ninjas in total: Lloyd Garmadon (the Green Ninja, Elemental Master Of Energy), Kai (the Red Ninja, Elemental Master Of Fire), Cole (the Black Ninja, Elemental Master Of Earth), Jay (the Blue Ninja, Elemental Master Of Lightning), Zane (the White/Titanium Ninja, Elemental Master Of Ice), and Nya (the Grey/Blue Ninja, Elemental Master Of Water). Together, these ninjas battle against the forces of evil, such as the terrifying Lord Garmadon.

These sets go all in on the fantasy aspects of the world, introducing dragons, mech-robots, and modern vehicles. Inspired by East Asian culture, the narrative is based in the fictional land of Ninjago. Since it began, the theme has drawn inspiration from various cultures, not just Japanese (its starting point).

Since being introduced, the theme has become popular among fans — focusing on a target audience of young boys. Initially, the line was to be discontinued in 2013. Nevertheless, it has continued in spite of this fact, becoming a multi-media franchise that encompasses theme-park attractions, video games, books, TV series, and movies.

Meet The Elemental Masters

Spanning over ten years, the TV series is based on the toys of the same name. The first season was released in 2011, introducing viewers to the Elemental Masters: Lloyd, Kaid, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Nya.

Trained by Sensei Wu, the ninjas fight back against evil aboard Destiny’s Bounty, their flying junk ship. Throughout the series, the lore of the world is expanded on significantly, with flashbacks and dialogue informing on the life of the First Spinjitzu Master as well as the creation of Ninjago.

Following the success of the TV series, a movie was released in 2017.