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Robin Hood Merchandise

Join the Merry Men with Zavvi US’s wide range of Robin Hood merchandise, inspired by the popular legend and its many film and TV adaptations. Our line-up of products includes a whole host of DVDs and Blu-rays, action figures, and more.

Enter Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood is a famous character from English folklore (popular during the Late Middle Ages) who has been featured in various forms of media throughout the years. In common depictions, he was a wealthy nobleman and a soldier during the Crusades. When he returned home, he discovered that his lands had been taken by the Sheriff Of Nottingham. To combat the sheriff’s injustices and prevent Prince John from usurping the throne that belonged to King Richard, Robin became an outlaw and formed the Merry Men, a group of likeminded individuals that robbed from the rich to give to the poor. This group commonly included Little John, Much The Miller's Son, Will Scarlett, Alan-a-Dale, and Friar Tuck.

In 1973, Disney released an animated film that reimagined the Robin Hood cast as anthropomorphic animals. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, the story focuses on the eponymous character (Brian Bedford) as he attempts to push back against Prince John (Peter Ustinov). Simultaneously, he seeks the affection of Maid Marion (Monica Evans).

There have also been a number of live-action films, including Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991), Robin Hood (2010), and Robin Hood (2018) — among others. Each of these movies features a different actor in the leading role: Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Taron Egerton.

Find Yourself A Steal

Celebrate the extraordinary legacy of this English icon, and browse our Robin Hood merchandise. Here you will find a variety of action figures based on the animated film as well as DVDs and Blu-rays (also available as exclusive steelbooks).