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Sea Of Thieves Merchandise

Set sail to the Caribbean with Zavvi US’s wide range of officially licensed Sea Of Thieves merchandise. Inspired by the popular video-game franchise, our treasure chest of products includes clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts), posters and prints, homeware, accessories, collectibles, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

The Golden Age Of Piracy

Created by game developer Rare in conjunction with Microsoft Studios, Sea Of Thieves was released 2018 on Xbox One and PC. The pirate-themed adventure is set in an online world in which players can interact with each other in ways both positive and negative.

At the start of their experience, each player chooses their own avatar and is provided with an appropriately sized ship or boat (reflecting the size of their cooperative party): a sloop (for solo players and two-man teams), a brigantine (for groups of three), or a galleon (for large four-person crews). While exploring, each party can interact with other similar collectives, uniting to conduct voyages or engaging in bloodthirsty sea battles involving canon fire and the clash of steel.

Voyages are offered by three trading companies: the Order Of Souls, the Gold Hoarders, or the Merchant Alliance. However, their quests aren’t the same. The Order Of Souls focuses on combat; the Gold Hoarders, treasure hunting; and the Merchant Alliance, the delivery of goods. In addition to these three quest-giving companies, there are the Reaper’s Bones, the Hunter’s Call, the Sea Dogs, Athena’s Fortune, and the Bilge Rats. Players must reach level 50 with three of the trading companies to become a certified Pirate Legend.

As a result of its lack of power-enhancing gear, the game finds itself separated from traditional multiplayer experiences. Early in the development process, Rare decided that all rewards offered throughout the course of a player’s experience would be entirely cosmetic. This ensures that newcomers are never put at a disadvantage and can comfortably engage with veteran players.

Dig Up The Treasure

Assemble your crew of peglegged buccaneers, and start browsing our line-up of Sea Of Thieves merchandise today. We have tons of plunder to discover: clothing, posters and prints, homeware, accessories, and collectibles — among other high-quality items.