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Speakers And Docs

Turn the audio up to eleven with Zavvi US’s wide range of speakers and docs, providing all the latest innovative technology for your pleasure.

If you’re looking to enjoy some casual radio or host an epic party, we have exactly what you’re searching for. Go big or go small – the choice is yours!

Not only that, but our speakers and docs are the best gifts for a music fan – ideal for special events, such as birthdays and Christmases.

Yes, prepare to reward your eardrums with top-quality sound. Our prices are unmatched, offering massive discounts on a whole host of products!

Complete Your Sound Set-Up

Music is undoubtedly sacred, putting a jump in our step and a boogie in our hips. With that said, everybody deserves to enjoy their favourite tunes as they were meant to be heard. Say goodbye to static and muffled lyrics because our speakers and docs provide only the best-quality audio.

We have more than one type of music player for you to choose from. Find what works best for you:

Turn back the tape with the retro 1980s boombox, with classic cassette player and recording function. That’s right; you can pay a visit to your special someone's house and hold that boombox over your head just like the romantics of old - classy.

Alternatively, experience the smooth sound of the vinyl turntable. Of all the music players in the world, this one is a hit with collectors.

Not quite modern enough? We also have the latest in advanced Bluetooth speakers, capable of connecting to most devices. Just queue your playlist, and let the speaker do the rest.

High Quality, Low Price

Find your perfect speakers and docs today, with affordable prices sure to send you cascading into song. Whatever your niche, we’ve got the technology to put a smile on everybody’s face.

(Check back to this page often for all the latest speaker and docs releases.)