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Super Mario Merchandise

Explore the Mushroom Kingdom with Zavvi US’s wide range of Super Mario merchandise. Our line-up of products draws inspiration from the game, giving you everything required to rescue Princess Peach: toys and games, LEGO sets, clothing, home décor, mugs, and more.

It’s-A Me!

The iconic mascot of Nintendo, Mario (predominantly voiced by Charles Martinet) was created by video-game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. He made his first appearance in Donkey Kong (1981), a platforming game in which he acted as the player character and was referred to as “Mr. Video”. In 1985, the character took on the starring role in the self-titled Super Mario series, and he has since featured in various spin-offs.

The Super Mario games mainly take place in the Mushroom Kingdom and put players in control of the eponymous red-and-blue plumber (and sometimes his allies, such as Luigi). In most instalments — which total more than 20 — the principal villain is Bowser (King Koopa), a dragon-like creature who frequently kidnaps Princess Peach and attempts to rule her kingdom. To stop Bowser’s schemes, players navigate a myriad of diverse levels, using a plethora of acrobatic skills to defeat the roaming enemies (including the infamous Goombas) and overcome the platforming sequences. Each sequence of levels (split into themed worlds) concludes with a battle against Bowser or one of his minions.

In addition to the video games, Mario has featured in other forms of media, one of which is a live-action movie. Released in 1993, the film follows Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Luigi (John Leguizamo) as they discover the existence of a parallel world where dinosaurs have become intelligent beings. With the evolved creatures setting their sights on invasion, the two plumbers must face President Koopa (Dennis Hopper) and rescue his captive, Princess Daisy (Samantha Mathis).

1-Up Your Collection

Take your collection to the next level, and start browsing our selection of Super Mario merchandise. There are loads of officially licensed items to purchase, comprising Piranha Plant table lamps and Bullet Bill plushies — among many other products.