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Tinker Bell Merchandise

Discover the magic of fairy dust with Zavvi US’s wide range of officially licensed Tinker Bell merchandise. Our products draw inspiration from the world-famous Disney character, providing a broad selection of statues and figures, clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts), and more.

The World’s Most Famous Fairy

Created by J.M. Barrie, Tinker Bell (also known as “Tink” or “Miss Bell”) is a fairy who first appeared in the stage play Peter Pan (1904) and its subsequent book adaptation, Peter And Wendy (1911). Originally, she was conceived as a minor supporting character; however, Walt Disney’s animated film adaptation, which was released in 1953, developed her personality and signature appearance. Most modern depictions of Tink show her as having blonde hair and a green dress, and her image has become synonymous with the Disney brand.

A loyal companion of Peter Pan (the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up), Tink accompanies her friend on his journeys throughout Neverland, a place where children forever retain their youth. Despite her popularity, the character doesn’t communicate via conventional speech, expressing herself using a peculiar fairy language. Regardless, she has a distinct personality, her loyalty to Peter often making her appear jealous and hot-tempered. These traits are usually emphasised during her interactions with other females, the most notable example being Wendy Darling.

In addition to her role in Peter Pan, Tink is also the leading character in her own franchise: Disney Fairies. The franchise started with the release of Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg (2005), a book by author Gail Carson Levine and illustrator David Christiana, and it has since expanded to the realm of direct-to-DVD movies. In 2008, Tink starred in a self-titled film, which featured the first voice-acted depiction of the character, who was brought to life by Mae Whitman.

Learn To Fly

Sprinkle some fairy dust, and follow the second star to the right to find our Tinker Bell merchandise. We have a whole host of items to purchase, including high-quality collectibles and clothing.