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Trick ’R Treat Merchandise

Celebrate the spookiest time of the year with Zavvi US’s wide range of Trick ’R Treat merchandise. Inspired by the fan-favorite horror movie, our officially licensed products include clothing (T-shirts, sweaters, and pyjamas) and collectibles.

Halloween Has Arrived

Written and directed by Michael Dougherty, Trick ‘R Treat (2017) is an anthology film that focuses on the night of Halloween. The stories told, of which there are four, feature the appearance of a young trick-or-treater known as Sam (played by actor Quinn Lord), who wears an ominous burlap sack on his head. His purpose is to ensure compliance with the rules of Halloween, those who break them facing deadly consequences.

The first story introduces audiences to Steven Wilkins (Dylan Baker), a school principal who catches one of his pupils, Charlie (Brett Kelly), stealing candy. In response, Wilkins offers the boy a chocolate bar contaminated with poison. Having watched Charlie’s final moments, he attempts to bury the body in his garden, but he is continually interrupted by his son, Billy (Connor Levins), and their neighbour, Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox).

Continuing the cycle of violence, the second story shifts the attention to a group of teenagers: Schrader (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), Macy (Britt McKillip), Chip (Alberto Ghisi), Sara (Isabelle Deluce), and Rhonda (Samm Todd). Macy tells a tale about a group of disabled children who were murdered by a bus driver at their parents’ request. Once the tale is finished, most of the group depart, leaving the Halloween-obsessed Rhonda to encounter a group of undead children. The approaching figures soon reveal themselves as the missing teenagers, but their actions have consequences.

In the third story, Wilkins returns to seek out victims at the town festival and finds himself attacking Laurie (Anna Paquin), a 22-year-old woman dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood costume. To his dismay, she isn’t as helpless as she first appeared, and Wilkins is incapacitated. Laurie drags him to her friends, each of whom has murdered their date. It is then revealed that these are no ordinary women, their human appearance hiding a dark secret.

Finally, the fourth story returns to Wilkin’s neighbour, Kreeg. He is attacked by a vengeful Sam but is only given minor injuries, the reasoning unknown. As the orange-pyjama-wearing boy leaves, Kreeg’s identity comes into focus; he is the bus driver who murdered the children in Macy’s tale.

Start Your Preparations

Invite Sam into your home with our Trick ’R Treat merchandise, which includes miniature busts and adult-sized clothing. Every home needs a spooktacular makeover when Halloween arrives, so don’t start breaking tradition.